The Path of Silence in the Midst of Noise: Reflection on Lent 2017

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When the word silence entered my conscious thought late last year as my One Word for 2017, I did not know nor even dream about where that word would lead me.

Correction, I had no idea where God would take me with this word.

But during the season of Lent, and really in the month before Lent began, God was already at work in requiring me

to be silent,

to live in silence in the midst of so much noise.

A hard, but necessary, even God directed conversation with my wife started the journey that took me into Lent and into the noisy wilderness

which in part, for me, required a going silent on social media.

silent as in, “no posting by me on any platform” (which I did except for a kuddos tweet and quirky photo on IG)

and a wrestling, as Jesus wrestled (well, like Jesus wrestled?), with anxiety, fear, resentment and a few other well-known (to me at least) travelers in my soul

Yet, the silence I encountered was golden

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I would not, will not, trade for anything,  the insight, the peace, the clarity, even the healing pain, that I have experienced during this time.

I have begun to see with new eyes, hear with new ears, feel with a new heart, realize with a new soul…

And I cannot, WILL NOT, go back…

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