A Valentine’s Day Prayer for Caregivers

Good and Gracious God

Be good and gracious to us this day…

I especially ask today Lord that you are good and gracious to caregivers… to those individuals, men, women, young adults, even teens, who have responsibility for the caring of someone whose health cannot allow them to care for themselves.

I think especially of spouses who are no longer recognized by the one they have loved for years, decades… grant them peace and grace today, especially today when romantic love is in focus and their romantic love is in the distant past.

I also ask for young caregivers who have to put further education, deeper relationships, and other personal plans on hold to care for younger siblings or parents or both because of the situation they are in. Grant them hope that they will come to believe that You know the whole story and that You will do, and are doing what is right.

For those who are in their final days, even hours or moments of caregiving because death is close by, grant them and their caree Your peace and love as they say “goodbye.”

And for families who are fractured because of conflict and caregivers are in the middle, grant them Your kindness so that this season of life is not a destroyer of the family but a healer of the wounds.



A Prayer for Those ‘Trying to Figure Out What they Want to Do’


There are many people,

young adults,





discharged from the military,


who are struggling to ‘figure out what they want to do’ with their lives from this point forward.

some are overwhelmed by many choices before them

others are frightened, discouraged by the few choices they have

some are burned out because they have been focused on graduating, getting out, grieving, or they are simply spent – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically- because of divorce, illness, or conflict

trying to ‘figure out what they want to do’

Send Your gracious and gentle Spirit to them


remind them of Whose they truly are – Your children

help them to experience Your love and grace

help them to discover the gifts and abilities You have given to them

and remind them, this advent season

that they still matter to the baby in the manger.


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A Hump Day Prayer for Empty Nesters

Good and Gracious God,

There are many of us today Lord for whom the sight…

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of a family

a mom

a dad

with a baby

reminds us of how much time has passed since we dealt with



…messy meal times

… and lack of sleep

but we are grateful for those moments and memories

When Father we see a family with teenagers today we remember…

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… the hectic pace

… the drama

… the pendulum swings of emotions/closeness

… the celebrations

… the full house

and we give You thanks for Your strength and the privilege (as hard as it some time was) to walk with our kids through adolescence

Now Lord some of us have begun the process called ‘The Empty Nest’

Others of us, are  in the middle of it

Still others of us have watched our kids enter adulthood through graduation, military deployment, and the work force and they have taken wing and off they have gone…

And some of us Lord find ourselves with kids still at home working, attending school, and the process of being an empty nester is ‘yet to be…’

But in the midst of this transitional time, we ask for Your peace, Your grace, Your love to be with our children as they navigate the tasks of early and young adulthood.

Help us be adult parents as we offer support and encouragement often from several hours away…

Help us turn our anxiety over to you as we are often tempted to play ‘helicopter parents’ and ‘fix’ a situation that our kids must learn to fix as an adult

Finally Father

As we enter or are in this new season, we ask for Your presence and help to navigate the issues that are now before us, married or single, as we too, walk into a new season of life…

may it be a hope and grace filled one

may we draw closer to spouses, family, and friends so that we grow as adults as well

may we continue to model faith, hope, and love in You to our kids and their peers

We are thankful for our past as parents, help us to resolve/let go of those situations that we need to resolve and let go,

Guide our path and be our loving God into the future which now lies before us…

We are grateful and thankful


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Hump Day Prayer for Road Workers

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Good and gracious God

We today come to You on behalf of those build and repair our roads.

We thank you for their skills and abilities to create, build, maintain, and repair the superhighways which take us hundreds and even thousands of miles, the long-lived two lane roads over which history has traveled, and the road along our house, our school, our place of worship, and our lives.

We ask O God, our creator, that you would protect those who build and repair our roads on a seasonal basis. Keep them alert from not just motorists but also from the hazards of their work.

Give us who are motorists,  the ability to have the patience and respect toward those who are building and repairing the roads, so that we are safe as they are safe.



A Prayer of Gratitude About One of “Those” Days



It has been one of those days…

A day of negativity that overwhelmed my mind and heart

A day of too many detours and interruptions to help someone else’s work and day go better

A day of wondering (again) “isn’t there something else I can do? Any thing but this?”

But Lord I am grateful…

That I have the job that I do… and it is more than a job to me… it is my act of service and obedience to You!

for the good word from the family I prayed with and for yesterday – physical healing and recovery seems to be at work… THANK YOU!

for a the chance to serve others in the small, and sometimes time eating, tasks to help keep a team running.

So Lord as this day starts to wind down,

Thank you for this day, the one that I would like to forget but can’t because hidden in the frustrations of the day are blessings and opportunities to serve and know that You are in the midst of and active in all of days like this…





Prayer for the Week: A Mid-Winter Petition

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In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan,
earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;

Christina Rosetti

Life is hard and cold right now Lord

Nothing seems to go right

Everything is frozen




It is cold

How do I get unstuck, unfrozen?

When does life get moving again?

I am halfway across this particular river and winter has come

and now I am frozen mid-winter, mid-stream

All that I see is down in front of me, on all sides of me

water, hard, frozen, motionless

Look up? Look around? you say?


It’s winter…

It’s cold…

It’s hard…

It’s harsh

I’m frozen

Our God, heaven cannot hold him, nor earth sustain;
heaven and earth shall flee away when he comes to reign.

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Wow Lord. Wow.

What beauty

What brilliance

What magnificence!

I’m still cold and stuck and uncertain Lord

But I am not alone and the view is not a bleak midwinter one at all.


What can I give him, poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb;
if I were a Wise Man, I would do my part;
yet what I can I give him: give my heart.

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A Prayer for the First Week of 2016

We have begun a new year…

We do not know where it will lead us…

through failure

through success

through despair

through hope

through love

through hate

probably Father God through all of them.

We do not know how we will respond

to You

to ourselves

to others

to circumstances

but may we do so with honesty, hope, and love as we seek to honor You through it all.

We thank You for Your faithfulness to us

We praise You for Your love for and of us

We honor You for Your graciousness to us

May we be people of faith, hope, and love

this week

this month

this year

this moment


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