Huh? : A 365 Writing Prompt

The 365 Days of Writing Prompt Entry for today, January 19th is:
Apply yourself: Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.
Well, I am sure that I have had these moments since the graduate school episode I am about to describe which took place in 1989 but one has not come to mind as much as this situation did over 25 years ago!
After nearly a decade of no serious literary study, I enrolled in a graduate degree program in English at a local state university. I had left a profession I had been in (and studied for) most of the previous decade and decided to get an MA and hopefully teach at a community college.
But one of the classes I had to take short-circuited that goal and it ended with me dropping the class and switching majors. It was a Literary Criticism course that commenced with a presentation on deconstructionist literary theory which basically is a view that the reader brings the meaning to the text. (A very simplified definition to be sure.)
I was totally lost (as I thought the rest of the class was as well.) As much as I tried I could not get my mind around Jacques Derrida’s (considered by many to be the originator of deconstructionism) ideas.
So I dropped the class.
It was hard to do as I really wanted to learn these constructs.
I have continued to enjoy good books and ones which challenge my assumptions but this one was time when I could not grasp the concepts being presented.

Am I a “Successful” Blogger? A 365 Writing Prompt

Today’s entry in the 365 Days of Writing Prompts is titled

Secret of success

What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger”? Is that something you strive for?

I have been privileged to be a part of the Word Press community for over six years with a blog (not this one) which has had visitors from probably 90 percent of the world and has had over fifty three thousand hits in that time.  I never thought that would happen when I started it back in 2008.

The response to this blog, officially started back in February of this year, has also been surprising. I am grateful for the feedback and follows here though I have not achieved my intention of posting on a daily basis.

So, as I reflect on my own Word Press experience, I consider myself a “gratefully successful” blogger. I have not strove for success (defined by number of followers, hits, likes, etc) but have tried to be inspirational and informative in my blogging.

Thanks to all my readers over the years on both blogs!

WordPress Administration
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Life without all of the “type” A 365 Writing Prompt

Today is the first Monday I feel that I am really “back” into my normal routine. My muse has taken a rest and is raring to go!

And like my physical muscles which need a bit of warm up before I do some vigorous working out (which I have started up again as well) I turned to the Word Press 365 Days of Writing prompts to see what today’s prompt was and if it would be a helpful warm up to get back in writing from. This is what I found:



The muse awoke and said, “Hum… life with out all the “type.” Oh this is easy!”

It would truly be a mixed blessing.

On the one hand I would slow down, (I would have to!) as I wrote because my typing I found out to my embarrassment nearly ten years ago has caused my hand writing to become very illegible at times.

And blogging? More like journaling and never to be seen!

On the other had, as I also understand the prompt from another direction as well, is that my life without a computer is slower and more deliberate. And quite frankly that is often quite maddening because I love to get in the flow of writing and let my fingers fly. The thoughts come and being on the “informational superhighway” is quite a thrill. But, my life away from this screen and these keys are just like others who will never read these words: bills, conflicts, appointments, chores, dreams, hopes, fears, love, and faith.  And I need this slower pace. It keeps me in touch with my God, my family, and myself.

And that is more important, isn’t it?



What Will You Eat? – A 365 Writing Prompt


Good Sunday afternoon everyone! The snow is now melting away here in Indiana and signs of spring are peeking above the ground just outside my front door and front doors everywhere!

Today’s 365 Writing Prompt comes from the wonderful eBook 365 Days of Writing Prompts from the editors here at WordPress:

Five a day

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

I want to raise my hand and ask “Where is this Island, in the North Pacific or South Pacific?

Well, in either case the first item on my list is an unlimited supply of fresh water to drink. The body needs it!


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The second item is coffee and a power coffee maker. I have to have my coffee in the morning!


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Protein is needed on a daily basis and I think that plain yogurt is all that I need.

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The third item are bananas. Vital source of several things like potassium.


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The fourth item will be no surprise to people who know me. Dark chocolate.  The health benefits of dark chocolate, when done in moderation, are centered around antioxidants.

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Not sure if they would allow me to have this as a food group but hey, I would ask! A good multi-vitamin.

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Okay, what would you choose? Feedback welcome!


Trading Spaces: A 365 Writing Prompt

September 26, 2009: Homeowner project
September 26, 2009: Homeowner project (Photo credit: Mr.Thomas)




One of the promises I made myself when I started this blog was that I was going to write something every day.  I am grateful for the all of the opportunities to do just that offered by WordPress including a marvelous eBook published by the editors at WordPress called,  365-days-of-writing-prompts that offers 365 writing prompts for each day of the year! Thank you!

So I decided to look up today’s prompt (March 29th) and here it is! Trading spaces: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the opposite sex for a day? What do you think life would be like?

I will soon be married to my wife for 31 years. We have tended to share responsibilities and so I have had some experience with “trading spaces” with her. But I will admit I have not truly traded spaces with her for a day and I am not sure that I would want to. Her energy level is high, much higher than mine, and I am not sure I could keep up her pace.

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