My Danny Cahill’s Review of Aging Disgracefully

Danny Cahill was a top producing corporate recruiter who eventually bought the company he worked for and made it into a top performing company in its industry. But as he did, his personal life slid downhill to the point a personal training injury forced him to both look at and deal with his life and make some hard choices.

Aging Disgracefully (Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2017) chronicles Cahill’s fast rise to the bottom even as he stood at the top of his company and field.

This book is 21st century living in America – ego driving, drug and alcohol fueled, and fear driven – that while celebrating success on the outside, often fails to deal with the inner failure and pain on the inside until it is too late (overdose or suicide) or the pain forces a crisis (physical as in Cahill’s case) that is emotional, spiritual, or existential.

This is a story of excess – excess wealth, consumption, power, ego, and control. It is also a story of coming into reality, ( dare we also say “sobriety and sanity?”) as the book concludes with Cahill’s desire to “make a friend” through the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters chapter as he moves away from his past and begins to rebuild his life.

Again Disgracefully is a candid work and the author notes in the introduction that “while all events are portrayed to the best of my memory, they are my memories.” It is also a work that I give a mature rating to because of language and subject matter.

This “work of creative nonfiction” is a great read for literature classes and I think business ethics classes given the relationship dynamic with one of his employees. I also think that classes for clergy would benefit from reading this book as Cahill’s story is an unfortunate common story in today’s culture and affects people who seek out clergy for help.

I liked this book and believe it to be a good read but it tells an all too familiar story, unfortunately, that we read of or see happening in life today. For that reason I gave it a three- star rating on Goodreads.

Note: I received an e-book copy from Smith Publicity via Net Galley in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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