A Valentine’s Day Prayer for Caregivers

Good and Gracious God

Be good and gracious to us this day…

I especially ask today Lord that you are good and gracious to caregivers… to those individuals, men, women, young adults, even teens, who have responsibility for the caring of someone whose health cannot allow them to care for themselves.

I think especially of spouses who are no longer recognized by the one they have loved for years, decades… grant them peace and grace today, especially today when romantic love is in focus and their romantic love is in the distant past.

I also ask for young caregivers who have to put further education, deeper relationships, and other personal plans on hold to care for younger siblings or parents or both because of the situation they are in. Grant them hope that they will come to believe that You know the whole story and that You will do, and are doing what is right.

For those who are in their final days, even hours or moments of caregiving because death is close by, grant them and their caree Your peace and love as they say “goodbye.”

And for families who are fractured because of conflict and caregivers are in the middle, grant them Your kindness so that this season of life is not a destroyer of the family but a healer of the wounds.



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