My One Word for 2017: Silence

For the past four years, I have participated in a focusing on one word for an entire year.

In 2013 that word was Empower

In 2014 it was Listen

In 2015 it was Fast

And last year, 2016 it was Simplify

This year’s word is SILENCE…

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Does this mean Jim that you are going to stop talking for an entire year?


What it does mean is that I am going to be incorporating periods of silence each day and on a weekly basis for the purpose of listening to God…

It also means that I will be taking at least one 48 hour retreat where I will unplug from my phone, computer, social media, etc and spend time alone and with others.

As with the other words I have attempted to incorporate into my life during the past four years, this one is not for me to disengage from life but to re-engage with a clarity that I think is important and necessary.

Maybe there is a word that you have been thinking about this past year, I encourage you to consider focusing on that word.

Some helpful websites are:

Another one is

If you have questions about this, please post one in the space below and I will do my best to answer them!

Happy New Year!




2 thoughts on “My One Word for 2017: Silence

  1. I like silence. I’m an introvert so it comes naturally to me. That being said, I could use a few, perhaps quarterly, 48 hour retreats from all things screen-y. I wish you well in 2017 as you get your quiet on. 😉

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