A Review of My One Word for 2016: Simplify

As 2016 comes to an end this is what I have learned and experienced as I have focused on my One Word for this year: Simplify

… to simplify is a difficult thing- the pace and demands of life make it easy to add more complexity and that makes it harder to experience the peace of God in daily living and a quality of life with family, friends, and self.

… to simplify is scary- to simplify, to let go of, creates the very real feeling of being left behind as you let go of over commitments that crowd your calendar and your soul; of being left out of the latest news as you over post on social media or fail to stay up on what is going on; of being considered irrelevant as you stop being involved in so much

…to simplify is strange- the peace which comes as you begin to really simplify, by saying ‘no,’ by letting go and letting others, by slowing down and listening and watching for what is most important- faith, hope, and love- is at first very unsettling but then a joy and a necessity

…to simplify is to focus on what is important and let go of what is not, it is to center, to listen, to hear, God, others in a way that has never been experienced.

This is the fourth year I have done a One Word focus, it has been the most enriching experience so far.


2 thoughts on “A Review of My One Word for 2016: Simplify

  1. I’m planning to do this for the first time in this new year. Still praying and meditating in my word. I’m excited to see what I will learn and experience through my one word! Thank you for sharing!

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