A Prayer for Those ‘Trying to Figure Out What they Want to Do’


There are many people,

young adults,





discharged from the military,


who are struggling to ‘figure out what they want to do’ with their lives from this point forward.

some are overwhelmed by many choices before them

others are frightened, discouraged by the few choices they have

some are burned out because they have been focused on graduating, getting out, grieving, or they are simply spent – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically- because of divorce, illness, or conflict

trying to ‘figure out what they want to do’

Send Your gracious and gentle Spirit to them


remind them of Whose they truly are – Your children

help them to experience Your love and grace

help them to discover the gifts and abilities You have given to them

and remind them, this advent season

that they still matter to the baby in the manger.


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