Remembering the Saints in my life: An All Saints Day Reflection


I am grateful today for the many different saints in my life who God has used to help me in my journey of life and faith.

Some worked production lines, others were waitresses, one was a PhD in Physics who led Wednesday evening prayer and Bible study for many years.

And one was the Pastor who helped me come to faith in Christ.

Others were college presidents, a college church pastor, an English scholar and a Phi Beta Kappa member, pastoral colleagues, and retired people whose wisdom came from a life time of living as Ecclesiastes put it, in all the times of life.

And there are others…that I am not yet aware of…who God uses to help me become the person of God I must and want to become. And some of them are younger than me.

So on this “All Saints Day” I give thanks to God for the saints in my life… some still living and giving their wisdom out both spoken and lived…others who have gone on to the “life that is to come,” but most, if not all of them, lived out their faith in the normal and extraordinary ordinary ways and days.

Thank you…


Published by:

Jim Kane

I am a hubby to my wife of over 30 years, dad to two university students, caregiver to his mom, a minister, cat dad to Hanna who we adopted from our local animal shelter, a life-long aviation fan, and a reader and blogger. I began this blog in 2008 and post my book reviews, messages to my congregation, prayers, and other things as well. Thank you for stopping by!

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