Smoke and Roller coasters:

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Today’s Daily Post’s prompt, Smoke, created an instant memory of the time when I discovered that smoke and roller coasters do not mix!

Let me explain.

Seven or eight years ago, my family and I took a trip to Florida to visit one of the many entertainment parks. And being the roller coaster family that we are, all of us were looking forward to riding new coasters.

However, the Saturday prior to our vacation, I had spent about six hours helping with a fund-raiser in which wonderful bbq chicken was sold. Given the wind direction that day and the amount of smoke coming from the large, very large, portable grill used to cook the chicken, I spent most of my time in a cloud of bbq flavored smoke.

When I got to Florida and the higher humidity, I was miserable and I failed to bring my allergy and sinus medications with me. So, as I often describe it, I had two large elephants in my sinus cavities and ears due to the humidity and the smoke.

The result was a nauseating sickness after riding my first coaster which left me watching the rest of the family have fun.

Since then, I am always careful around campfires and other smoke filled environments.

I learned that smoke and roller coasters don’t necessary mix!


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