My Review of Stephen D Senturia’s One Man’s Purpose: A Novel

27399745Martin Quint, a professor at a prestigious east coast technology university, seems to have the world on a string.  A highly regarded teacher AND researcher Quint is thriving on a fast paced life until the reality of life with a baby on the way (and some unresolved tension with his wife) alongside being the sponsor for a junior female colleague’s tenure process begins to unravel his life when his backpack is stolen that contains sensitive personnel information which is made public and reveals the politics behind tenure case in higher education.

Stephen D Senturia, a retired professor of electrical engineering, pulls back the curtain of the demands,  opportunities, and egos of higher education and reveals both the personal and the pedagogical issues that are part of contemporary higher education with his first novel One Man’s Purpose (Friesen Press, 2015)

One Man’s Purpose is a novel which raises a kaleidoscope of issues in a contemporary setting: work-life balance, the debate between on-line classes verses the traditional classroom as to educational effectiveness, and the tension between  producing noteworthy research and being an effective and inspirational teacher. But it is also a piece in which the motives and values of people are examined and often found wanting.

Quint is a credible character, fairly honest, hard working, and passionate. But his passionate pursuit of excellence in teaching and research as well as his efforts to gain a favorable review of a junior female colleague for tenure,  causes conflicts with his wife as her pregnancy progresses and he spends more time on work and causes such as the value of discussion in the educational process.

I liked this novel because it raises issues related to  both the life – work balance as well as the state of higher education here in America

Well written and engaging One Man’s Purpose is engaging novel that raises questions about what really matters in life.

Note: I received a review copy of this novel from the folks at Smith Publicity in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review.




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