Daily Prompt: Confused? No Overloaded…

Today’s Daily Post word prompt is confused…

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I have no doubt that I get confused at times… but right now, I can’t remember being confused…

but I am overloaded in many ways…

I am a caregiver to my 92 year old mother whose health has taken a turn that requires me to start paying a deeper attention to her…

I am soon to be, along with my wife, on the front end of the Empty Nest and all of that entails.

I feel the demands and expectations of being a minister who (it seems to me) is to be somewhat knowledgeable on every subject, including politics these days and speak with “moral authority”

So while I am not confused… I am a bit overloaded these days…

What do I do?

Pray for strength, wisdom, love, and compassion

and then do the next thing that needs to be done, trusting that God will guide me along

and in this case, the next right thing is

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