On the Book Table and the Kindle

Good Monday afternoon! It has been a while since I published this column on Monday but it is going to be a busy week here in NE Indiana where I reside so I thought a Monday post would be a great way to start the week!

On Saturday night, I posted the following picture on Instagram and another book lover liked it. When I clicked on their bio, the words “book horder” appared in the bio. I loved it. I am definitely one of those…


This is my Kindle, literally on ice at Silver Beach in St Joseph, Michigan where my family and I spent an afternoon trying to stay cool in the waters of Lake Michigan while we got sunburned.


It was so hot (I know, I know, “How hot was it, Jim?) that I put my cell phone and my Kindle in a large re-sealable plastic Baggie and put it in the cooler! I could not read for more than 20 minutes as the heat was heavy and I soon was back in the water staying cool (and getting some sunburn).

Both survived the cooling environment though my wallet and my keys were very cold!

The Kindle is full these days and the book table is quiet and since my last post, I have reviewed some wonderful fiction that you can read elsewhere on the blog.

I hope to write to two reviews that will appear this week. They are:

Rick Campbell’s Ice Station Nautlius (St Martins, 2016)


and Michael J Buckley’s SJ What Do You Seek?: The Questions of Jesus as Challenge and Promise (William B Eerdmans, 2016)


Look for them later this week…

As for what is still on the Kindle…


Dennis W Johnson’s Democracy for Hire: A History of American Political Consulting (TBP 2016 Oxford University Press, USA)

I am two-thirds through this book. Wow! What an insightful and educational book this is. It is a re-education in political science for me.


Leslie Winfield Williams’ Emblem of Faith Untouched: A Short Life of Thomas Cranmer (TBP 2016 Eerdmans)

This is a short biography of the first Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury and helped Henry VIII break with the Pope thus creating the English Protestant Revolution. I read one of Leslie’s books nearly two decades ago, Seduction of the Lesser Gods (Word, 1997) and still have a copy of my email correspondence with her about writing that I have kept in that book.


Simon Yarrow’s The Saints: A Short History (TPB 2016 Oxford University Press, USA) A primer on how people have been sainted by the Roman Catholic Church. Looking forward to reading this.


C Christopher Smith’s Reading for the Common Good: How Books Help Our Churches and Neighborhoods Flourish (IVP Books 2016) I have heard many good comments about this book. When I had the chance to request it via NetGalley, I took it and was thrilled when I was approved to read it!


Otis Moss III’s Blue Note Preaching in a Post-Soul Word: Finding Hope in an Age of Despair (2015 Westminister John Knox Press) The title caught my attention because it rings true today.


James D Hornfischer’s The Fleet at Flood Tide: America at Total War in the Pacific 1944-1945 (TBP 2016 Bantam) A history of the Mariana’s campaign by the US Navy in World War 2 by a veteran writer.

All of these wonderful books are through NetGalley (www.netgalley.com) which links publishers and readers. Thanks to the publishers for their approval to read these books.

See you behind the page!


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