My Review of Dan Mayland’s Death of a Spy

23535097When Mark Sava, former CIA agent, hears that his former boss, and a current employee of his firm is dead in a Georgian hotel room,  he also finds a painting with a recognizable face of a woman he once loved. The mystery surrounding  Larry Bowlan’s death drives Sava to determine why he died and why that painting was in the room. Thus begins another adventure in the life of Mark Sava, a former CIA agent, now married to his former partner and a father, who encounters enemies of old and the power players of today’s central Asia that borders the modern Middle East.

As with the other Mark Sava series novels I have read and reviewed The Colonel’s Mistake  The Leveling and Spy For Hire  Death of a Spy (Kindle Edition, 2014) is another fast-paced and heart stopping book that features lots of action and some familiar characters such as Sava’s Azeri contact Orkhan Gambar, his associate John Decker, and his wife Daria.

As the plot unfolds, Sava discovers a secret base along the Azerbaijan and Armenian border that is creating regional and, by its location, international tensions as well. As he races into the fray, he does so with the thought of his wife and child in his mind as well as a woman that had tried to forget.

I loved this novel for its location, its characters, and the fast-moving thriller plot. Another great Mayland novel.

I gave Death of a Spy a five star rating on Goodreads

Note: I bought the Kindle version of this book and chose to write a review of it.


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