My One Word: The Disconcertedness of Simplify

It has been interesting that this word, simplify

has become disconcerting,

it has upset my soul

But that’s a good thing, right?

I am learning that to simplify is to

…leave the highway of busyness and journey on the road of necessary clarity

… requiring me to turn off the societal noises that make me want to do all sorts of

grandstanding that will attract attention with me shouting “Hear me!”

and force me to take off the “headphones” that pipe in the noise and start to listen

first to the silence, that is a needed, much needed, corrective to the noise…

… and then to listen to and for The Voice in the wilderness in which I find myself (and its seems like a wilderness off the big noisy highway) which says to me…

What are you doing here?

and so somewhat like Elijah I must acknowledge the intensity of my passionate pursuit and commitments which causes life to become complex as I try to keep all the balls in the air but instead

simply listen for that still, small, hope-filled voice…

as I hear all the hot air leaving my soul,  my ego

and I seek to humbly, very humbly became


It feels like I am being left behind…

that is disconcerting

but oh how blessed it is!

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