My Review of Peter Scazzero’s The Emotionally Healthy Leader

25043220Peter Scazzero’s The Emotionally Healthy Leader (Zondervan, 2015) is a book in which self-care is foremost in the author’s thinking.  This book grows out of Scazzero’s personal and professional life as a pastor in New York City.

Having read his first book The Emotionally Healthy Church nearly ten years ago, I looked forward to what Scazzero had to say. I was not disappointed.

Scazzero is pointed at many points and when he says, “unhealthy leaders engage in more activities than their combined spiritual, physical, and emotional reserves can sustain,” I nodded in agreement.  From here Scazzero takes the reader on an inner journey that at times hits not too close to home but right on the bullseye of a over-driven leader’s pace and drive.

The Emotionally Healthy Leader draws heavily on the Christian contemplative tradition and Scazzero offers the reader numerous self-assessments in many chapters as he moves from part one that is given the title “The Inner Life” and into part two that is titled “The Outer Life”

As Scazzero shared from his journey to a stronger self-awareness and healthy life and faith; as he began to face his origin of family issues and then onto learning to integrate his discoveries and findings into a life that became simpler and driven by love rather than a deep emptiness; I found myself both confronted  and affirmed as I have sought to be more emotionally healthy as a leader, husband, dad, and pastor.

The Emotionally Healthy Leader is a counter-cultural book which focuses on ministry, and life as well, beyond the obsession with numbers. I liked this book for both its depth and the hope it offers leaders, within and without the church, to make changes, possible changes but also difficult changes, in a person’s life that can make life richer and more rewarding.

I gave The Emotionally Healthy Leader a five star rating on Goodreads.

Note: I received an electronic galley copy of this book from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review.


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