Daily Prompt: A Buddy Named Hanna

Today’s daily prompt is Buddy.

While I am grateful for many buddies, such as college roommates who I still have contact with nearly 40 years later, and I have professional colleagues who I chat with from time to time, and I have other male friends that I can and do “tell the truth to” about what is going on inside of me, my buddy is our cat, Hanna.


It has been eight and a half years ago since my youngest, flush with birthday cash, had an epiphany as he and my wife left the elementary school where he went and she worked at and, for the umpteenth time, drove past the county animal shelter.

“Mom, what if Jonathon and I, paid for a cat’s adoption?’

Well, as I said then, and still do, “the three Kane men suddenly had more than mom’s four votes. ”

Two weeks into the new year, 2008, we brought Hanna home and she has ruled, er, been, with us ever since. I can still remember her coming to the front of her cage as if to say, “You’re mine!”

This is the second black cat we have had (our first was a stray and we had him for 16 years until we had to humanely put him down due to thyroid cancer) and she has been fun have as part of our family.

Please check you local animal shelter for a pet if you are looking for one as there are many good ones ready to be adopted.


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