Daily Prompt: Generations

Today’s Daily Post is Generations.

The first word that has came to mind is generative.

Generative means according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

having the power or function of generating, originating, producing, or reproducing

But I am thinking of it as used by the late developmental psychologist Erik Erikson in his classic stage called Generativity vs Stagnation the positive side of which results in care.

Now in my late 50’s, I am reflecting on my active parenting years which will soon come to an end with my youngest heading off to college in the fall. I am grateful that my two sons have launched and are launching into early adulthood well grounded.

But I want to continue to be a person of deep generativity and care for those younger and older around me and the pull of stagnation is strong at times with the temptation to despair and cynicism close by.

So I must draw on my faith and ask my God for help to be a person of faith, hope, and love. I must also stay connected to my wife and family, my faith community, and the network of friends, far and wide, to be productive and generous


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