My Friday Pic

It has been a while since I have posted a picture as a self-standing blog post. (I checked, it was February, 2015 and there was lots of snow on the ground!)

So as I was getting ready to write another book review and I had just returned from a trip around the major park in our town, I had a thought, “Start posting a picture on Fridays Jim! You’ve got tons of them!”

So, here is what I hope will be the first of many My Friday Pic‘s!

I hope that you enjoy them!


One recent morning, I decided to make a stop at our local park on my way to the office and take some photos of some goslings that I had seen a few days earlier.  I did not find the goslings but I found a group of these white geese.

So I carefully maneuvered my car into place and rolled down the window. One of them sounded alarmed and I thought, “I need to work quick.”


Then I moved on…








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