Simplify – on the doorstep of Lent

Today I wrote my first journal entry about my One Word for 2016







Today is Fat Tuesday and tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. We are six weeks into 2016.


Simplify is the word for this year.




Let Go


Let God


Life at 58 is different than 48, 38, 28, and 18….


maybe 20 to 25 years left?


I don’t know


But to live well I know that I must simplify my diet. Eat better. Eat wiser


Here comes Lent – simplify – stop eating this and that… to focus on what is best


Do I need all of the stuff I have been hanging onto for 30 or so years?


Books I will never read again…


Mugs I will never drink from again…


Get rid of them, sell them to someone else for them to enjoy on their journey as you have had Jim, on yours.


I cannot help but link simplify to focus and focus to simplify


on what?


for what?


maybe  Stephen Schwartz (and Richard the Bishop) says it best:


“To see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, follow thee more nearly day by day…”


4 thoughts on “Simplify – on the doorstep of Lent

  1. Love this! Have been in a “simplify” and “thankfulness” mindset so far this year, and it feels wonderful. Wishing you a productive, restful, and beautiful Lenten season.

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