My Review of Janet B Taylor’s Into the Dim

25897792Hope Walton is an anxiety laden sixteen year old with a photographic memory, who now faces life without her mother, a brilliant scholar, who is presumed dead in another part of the world after an earthquake leveled the building she was to lecture in. But an invitation for Hope to fly (which she hates and causes her claustrophobia to kick in) to Scotland and spend time with her mother’s sister opens up an unexpected and action packed journey – back into twelve century England to find her mother and bring her home – to the twenty-first century.

Janet B Taylor’s initial volume in her new series Into the Dim introduces us to Hope, her mother Sarah and a cast of interesting and unique characters which straddle the Atlantic and the past.  We also meet two competing groups, the Viators and the the Timeslippers who are both seeking an opal of great power called the Nonius Stone.

In this first volume which bears the name of the series, we are transported back with Hope, Phoebe, and Collum to 12th century London and the time of Eleanor of Aquitaine and her husband Henry II of England via The Dim to find Hope’s mother and bring her home. The result is a journey filled with uncertainty, near defeat and great acts of courage as historical figures such Eleanor and Henry as well as Thomas Becket who seeks to stop the three visitors from finding Sarah. With only seventy two hours to locate and bring her mother back the spot where they entered via The Dim, Hope and company find their ingenuity, their unity, and their courage tested to the very limits and end of the story.

Into The Dim (to be published by HMH Books for Young Readers March 1, 2016) was a book which kept me reading with its quirky characters, a fantastic plot line and setting, and unique contrasting perspective on life between two different periods in history. This a great read for both young adults and adults of any age.

My Goodreads rating of this book is four stars!


Note: I received an electronic galley copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review.



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