A Prayer of Gratitude About One of “Those” Days



It has been one of those days…

A day of negativity that overwhelmed my mind and heart

A day of too many detours and interruptions to help someone else’s work and day go better

A day of wondering (again) “isn’t there something else I can do? Any thing but this?”

But Lord I am grateful…

That I have the job that I do… and it is more than a job to me… it is my act of service and obedience to You!

for the good word from the family I prayed with and for yesterday – physical healing and recovery seems to be at work… THANK YOU!

for a the chance to serve others in the small, and sometimes time eating, tasks to help keep a team running.

So Lord as this day starts to wind down,

Thank you for this day, the one that I would like to forget but can’t because hidden in the frustrations of the day are blessings and opportunities to serve and know that You are in the midst of and active in all of days like this…






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