Daily Prompt: Can’t Stand Me “Ugh!”

Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt asks:

What do you find more unbearable: watching a video of yourself, or listening to a recording of your voice? Why?

Interesting question!

My answer?

Both. I have heard that speakers, including ministers who give the weekly sermon, should video tape themselves and review it to improve their delivery.

Embed from Getty Images

Ugh. I probably should, but it is hard to watch me on the screen. And when I hear my voice, I think, “Why do I sound THAT way?” (I have been told that it is very southwestern Ohio, which is where I am from.)

This comes out of a desire to NOT be the center of attention. It is comes from a desire to get out of the way of my words and let others hear God speak to them.

In my profession, words are currency. Words are powerful. Words speak to a deeper reality.

So I choose my words carefully. I am trying, especially after reading a portion of a book on preaching which encourages ministers to give the audience (the congregation) space to listen and reflect, pace my speaking.

As for the video taping? Maybe I need to not listen to my critical voice that says, “You are being vain!” and watch and listen.



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