A Prayer for the First Week of 2016

We have begun a new year…

We do not know where it will lead us…

through failure

through success

through despair

through hope

through love

through hate

probably Father God through all of them.

We do not know how we will respond

to You

to ourselves

to others

to circumstances

but may we do so with honesty, hope, and love as we seek to honor You through it all.

We thank You for Your faithfulness to us

We praise You for Your love for and of us

We honor You for Your graciousness to us

May we be people of faith, hope, and love

this week

this month

this year

this moment



Published by:

Jim Kane

I am a hubby to my wife of over 30 years, dad to two university students, caregiver to his mom, a minister, cat dad to Hanna who we adopted from our local animal shelter, a life-long aviation fan, and a reader and blogger. I began this blog in 2008 and post my book reviews, messages to my congregation, prayers, and other things as well. Thank you for stopping by!

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