The Envelope Please, “And the Changes Coming to My Blog Are….”


It has been fun and a privilege to blog here on Word Press since 2008. When I started, I had trouble deciding what to write. Soon came the weekly sermons to the congregation I have served for over 15 years. Then came the book reviews that have been fun to write.

I am looking forward to 2016 and more blogging. But it is time to make some changes here.

I will be adding three  new topics that I plan to write about on a regular basis.

I am going to be merging my creative writing blog with this blog and plan to do several of the WordPress daily prompts as I can to sharpen my creative writing. I also plan to continue participating in the wonderful A to Z blogging challenge that takes place in April. That merger will take place on the 1st of January.

I am also going to  share some thoughts of being a father now that both my sons are going to be in university settings over the course of this year and I want to serve as an encouragement to fathers who are starting that wonderful journey.

A significant part of my life journey since April 2013 has been that of caregiver to my mother who is 91. I plan to share my experiences and suggestions on this important role of caregiver.

There are other changes coming to the blog as well…

A name change. This is something that will reflect the turning the page aspect of this this coming year. I have had fun with Le Padre Ver Livre (Pastor Book Worm) but it is time to re-brand, if you will, this blog to reflect a new direction in and season of life.

A new look. I have had this look, which I really like, for about several years and I think that it is time for a change given the new direction of the blog. I plan to highlight my Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads feeds so I will be selecting  a new theme which allows me to do this.   I will also be reducing the number of categories to these indicated here.

As for some of the current themes and topics I write about….

My weekly sermons will be edited and become a Wednesday meditation. I know that many have benefited from them over the years (they went off blog about a year and a half ago before I was granted full intellectually property rights to/of them by the congregation I serve) but I am going to shorten them into a meditation of maybe 750 words. I will be editing both current and past topics to write these meditations.

I plan to return to writing a weekly prayer. I  notice that they continue to be among the most read of my posts. I believe in prayer and in the power of my God to work through  prayer to accomplish His love, grace, and mercy in our lives.

I will be continuing both my book reviews and the frequent On the Book Table and Kindle posts that let you know what I am reading and what I think of the books I have reviewed. I will be dropping my rating system and utilizing my Goodreads rating system.

I have found help and focus in  selecting My One Word in lieu of multiple New Year’s Eve Resolutions since 2012. This year’s has been fast and the practice of fasting all year long has been very eye opening and revealing to me.  My One Word emphasis for 2016 has also influenced some of the changes to the blog that you are now reading about.  What is it? The reveal will come on January 1st!

I hope that you will join me on this journey!

And thank you for reading!

Regards and Blessings



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