My One Word 2015: Fast – A Fasting from… Words?

From my journal entry yesterday, 9.3.15


This focus of fasting has done and is doing so much in me and to me. I cannot begin to put into words what that is because words fail me.


But having a greater clarity is one of the results. I remember posting about all the rooms back in February (see the post here  and now I feel that the rooms have been cleared up and the walls removed.


That clearing up has led to a stronger sense of simplicity these days. I am focusing on less and less on a great deal of well, trivia…and more and more on what really matters – God, family, and ministry. Even my love of reading is being simplified and I am taking a break, probably for the rest of this year, from reading to review and focusing on reading to grow.


Quieting is another word that comes to mind. I am quieting down. I am trying to listen more and talk less. I am wanting to better hear and understand what my family is saying, what the congregation I serve is saying, and most important what God is saying… to me and around me.


So it seems that my fasting has focused more on words and thoughts and talk so that space is created to listen and hear…


and serve


and obey.

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