My Review of Mohana Rajakumar’s The Migrant Report

25886355I have enjoyed several of Mohana Rajakumar’s novels in the past several years as it reveals a contemporary view of at least one Middle Eastern Country and life in that part of the world and those who live in the influence and authority of the Muslim faith.

With the publication of her newest novel The Migrant Report Rajakumar addresses the issue of immigrant labor and the hardships immigrant workers in parts of the modern Middle East go through to provide income for their families in other parts of the world. The result is collision of not just the Middle East and Far East but also the West as the novel’s characters, and their respective lives and values, intersect in the lives of two Nepalese siblings Sanjana who came to the middle east several years ago and Manu, her younger brother who is now making the same journey to work in a new nation. The result is an interesting and very human telling of the challenges immigrant workers face in that part of the world.

I liked The Migrant Report in many ways – the contrasts between the immigrant cultures themselves, the male and female expectations in middle eastern society, and the vast differences between the westerners and their host country in terms of lifestyle and faith. But I was distracted at times with the various story lines and how they played out. Transitions were sometimes abrupt and then it took me a while to reconnect where I was reading.

However it is a worthy read in understanding a very real situation in today’s Middle East, and really anywhere in the world where migrant workers are employed.

I rate The Migrant Worker a “good” read.

Note, I received a copy of the this book in Kindle format from the author in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review.


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