My One Word 2015: Fast…Six Months In…

Six months have gone by since I started 2015 with a focus on fast and fasting.

It has been a very helpful journey and I think, and hope, that it will continue to be.

One of the “things” that I have learned from my fast-ing is that ‘noise’ is something that I need to fast from on a regular basis. By ‘noise’ I mean all of the words that come my way through social media, traditional media, the daily living of life, and such.

It is loud and deafening at times and to take time to hear not just God’s voice but that of my family, my friends, my congregation that I serve, and even… myself… I have had to get off the superhighway of information and travel some quiet back roads from time to time.

But Jim! How you can hear what others are saying if you are not plugged into all the channels required of us these days?

A good question.

BUT, which others deserve my best hearing?

Those that I swap photos, comments, memes, and thoughts with on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook?

Or, my wife and my two sons, my 91 year old mom, those who sit across from me in my office, the congregation I serve?

And what about God? Am I hearing Him well these days?

And while this month has been a month in which fasting has been almost nonexistent I am getting back into a rhythm of fasting now and it is creating space to listen.




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