A Mother’s Day Prayer

We come to You on this Mother’s Day on behalf of mothers here and everywhere. We are grateful to You this day for mothers and the vital role in the raising of not just children but also in the care and nurture of other children in many different roles and situations.


For those mothers who are mothers for the first time on this Mother’s Day we celebrate with them as new moms. Grant them the rest they need; the patience with their child, their husband, and themselves; for alertness as the care for their child at home and in public.


We also pray, and give thanks, for moms of teenagers. Help them to be firm yet fair as they parent their teen or teens, and other teens as well, during this season of life. Give them wisdom and patience with their teens and with themselves and may they enjoy this season of life and parenting.


For those mothers who are entering or have entered the season of the empty nest we ask that You draw close to them and be their source of hope, peace, and purpose as one chapter of life closes and a new one begins.


For those moms who find themselves with adult children and/or grandchildren back at home for whatever reason, grant them divine strength and wisdom as they deal with the many issues for this situation. Give them the eyes to see what You would have them see for this season of life. May faith, hope, and love thrive there.


We pray for mothers who are grieving the loss of a child. Jesus you grieved and wept and the tomb of Lazarus and you grieve and weep with these mothers some of whom have very fresh grief. O Lord God, draw close to these women and love them well.


We pray for mothers who are dealing with a serious illness. We ask that You walk with them as they navigate health issues while caring for their family and themselves. We pray for a healing touch in their body and we pray that Your peace would be experienced in their hearts and minds even as we pray for them now.


And for mothers who are in conflict with their children and the physical and/or  relational distance is very real and current, we ask O God that You would send Your Holy Spirit to move and act in a way so that resolution comes about.


So today we pray for and give thanks to You, our Good and Gracious God, for mothers. But we also pray for women everywhere as well as here in our midst.


We pray for women who are unable to have children. This is a hard day for them. We cannot truly know or fully understand what they are going through. But we come to You on their behalf and ask that You will help them as only You can.


We pray for women, some of whom are mothers, who are experiencing the horrors and profound injustice of being trafficked. Oh God, be their rescuer and direct those who can rescue them to find them and do so. Help these women to find safe and life giving roots of escape.


For those women who are victims of domestic violence, we also pray for their deliverance. Provide them with a path of safety and help them to take it. Strengthen the hands of the courts and law enforcement in a just way so that they are able to help stop this terrible and awful reality for not just women but children as well.


Father God we also pray for those women who are in uniform today. Be with them as they serve abroad, here at home, and at sea on behalf of our nation. We also come to you on behalf of those serving in law enforcement, public safety, and emergency medicine. Protect and guide them in their important duties. And for nurses and doctors grant them steady hands and clear thoughts as the treat those in their care.


For the women who serve us as elected officials, we give You thanks. Give them wisdom and courage to lead and govern well.


We also pray for those who teach, who counsel, and serve in the social services. Help them Lord to be women of hope and empowerment with those they serve and help.


We are grateful and thankful for the women in our lives… especially the one we call ‘mom.’






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