2015 A to Z Reflections: A trip back in time (sorta) and a simple focus

This was my second year for participating in the A to Z Challenge and I really enjoyed doing again it.

My focus for this year was on stories that I made up for my two sons, Jonathon and Daniel, now 19 and 17 (respectively) at bed time. They came into existence after Daniel was born so that I had some time with Jonathon at bedtime.

I told the stories for several years and they took us from Jon and Dan’s farm to the university town where his dad taught for a while to Africa where the scene the boys remember the most to this day took place: A panther appears while the boys are using an outhouse!

Well for this A to Z challenge, which I called “The Adventures of Jon and Dan,”  they did not leave the area of Red Brick, a small farming community, which are common here in the Midwestern US. So my focus was simple for this year as I attempted to recreate the setting and theme of those original stories.

What I like about the A to Z Challenge is that it provides you with the opportunity to have fun with some kind of creative writing. It also I think provides a venue for sharpening your writing skills and your creative thinking on a daily basis.

One of the things that I did not do this year and which I regret was not taking the time to visit other writers’ sites to see what they were doing. And I am sorry that I did not do so. But with some family health issues (and I am a caregiver to my mom) just writing the posts became a challenge toward the end.

What I would like to see in future A to Z Challenges is that perhaps some geographical listings be in place so that one could read and connect with fellow participants. For example, there could be a US Great Lakes region where participants from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin could be listed so that a participant in that area could read what others from that area are writing.

But reading internationally is also one of the pleasures of this wonderful writing experience! I “met” some great writers last year!

I am also wondering if placing the challenge in the month of January might be an idea. I know that January can be a month in which we are recuperating from all the end of the year celebrations and find we have time on our hands. Just a thought.

I am looking forward to the 2016 A to Z Challenge.





4 thoughts on “2015 A to Z Reflections: A trip back in time (sorta) and a simple focus

  1. I enjoyed Jon and Dan’s adventures, I’ll be eager to see what you come up with post challenge, it was nice to meet you and good luck with your Mum’s care!

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