X is for X-Ray – 2015 A to Z Challenge

Jon liked the late winter/early spring time of year. It was still cool enough but also warm enough to do some long training runs in preparation for his senior year of cross country.

As he ran down the county roads one morning, he was lost in thought as he ran. So lost that he did not see the deer until the last minute which ran into him knocking Jon down.

Stunned more by the presence of the deer than a fear of injury he sat for a few moments to calm down and catch his breath.

As he stood up, a sharp pain went through him. Putting pressure of his right leg cause him to feel pain in his hip which forced him back down to the ground.

“Jesus help me right now.”

But the pain stayed and Jon began to feel worse.

He was about two miles from home and he then realized that he did not have his phone with him. But the sound of a car coming forced him to sit up.

It was the Merchant’s car. They were a couple from Jon and Dan’s church who lived further up the road Jon was now laying on.

Quickly stopping the care, Mrs. Merchant go out and went to Jon.

“Jon Martin, are you okay?”

“Uh no ma’am, I am not. I was not paying attention and a deer ran out of these woods (he pointed across the road) and we ran into one another. I think I broke my hip.”

With help, and considerable pain, Mrs Merchant helped Jon into her car.

After turning the car around, she headed straight for the Emergency Room and called Jon’s grandmother Lee.

By dinner time, the X-Ray revealed the extent of the injury.

Jon would not train again until July.

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