V is for Vacuum – 2015 A to Z Challenge

Dan found high school tech, (“we called it “shop” back in the day,” said his grandfather Martin) to be something that he excelled at. Jon did well but was more interested in Math and Science.

At the end of the first grading period, the teacher gave a challenge to the class.

“Boys,” he said, “I want us to contribute something to the community this year and here’s how you can help.”

“I am wanting as many of you as possible to build a cabinet or a set of living room tables – two end tables and a coffee table or a dining room table that we will auction off in the spring with all of the proceeds going to the Jergin’s tux shop to help pay for tuxes for the guys who cannot afford it”

An excited murmur went though the group.

“Wait, there is more!”

“The money will also go to help girls buy dresses for the prom as well.”

“Hey Martin! You can get Mary that fancy dress she wants!”

Laughter filled the air forcing the teacher to yell, “OKAY, GUYS! LISTEN UP!”

Dan decided to build a beautiful walnut hutch with sliding glass doors. He took his time through out the late fall and all winter to build it.

Finally, he completed it on a blustery March day.

The only thing that remained was to apply a coat of clear varnish to give a solid finish.

As he finished putting on the first coat, he heard her footsteps and before he could yell, “Wait Mary!” she opened the door and the vacuum created by open window on one end of the shop and the opening door of the other end,…

To be continued…


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