U is for Upchuck – 2015 A to Z Writing Challenge

(Bit behind but plan to catch up today!)


The move to middle school was easy for Jon. He had a strong group of friends in grade school and merely added to it with new friends from South Red Brick Elementary who came to Red Brick Middle School.

For Dan, who was two years behind, entering middle school in the shadow of his eighth grade brother was no easy task. Even the food rebelled against him one day.

Thought it was his favorite lunch, hot dogs and beans, this particular Friday found Dan dealing with a lunch that did not agree with him. Jon saw him run for the restroom between fourth and fifth periods and followed him in.

Hearing the upchucking going on, Jon went and told Mrs. Johnson, Dan’s fifth period teacher and with the permission of his fifth period teacher stayed with Dan until their mother came.

“Did you happen to think that perhaps fifteen cookies too many from Aunt Jan’s kitchen last night might have something to do with it?”

Dan leaned out the window of the car.


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