T is for Trade – 2015 A to Z Challenge

Baseball cards have taught boys a great deal about give and take. Jon was about to learn that in a hard way.

Mark, one of Jon’s best friends in fifth grade, seemed to have the entire set of baseball cards including a couple of coveted cards that Jon wanted but had trouble getting. Mark had TWO of those two cards and Jon was trying to figure out a way to trade for them.

One Saturday when they went to the university town two hours away, Jon, who started saving money by buying less and less ball cards, took quite a bit of money with him with a plan to buy an autographed card of Mark’s favorite player.

Though his parents tried to talk him out of it, they finally decided to let him experience a potentially disappointing situation.

On Tuesday during recess, Jon pulled out the autographed card and a deal for the two cards Jon desperately wanted was made.

Jon was so happy and that happiness lasted for days.

The nights grew warm as school came to an end and the windows were opened. But sudden rainstorms also came and one morning, Jon awake to discover rain soaked  baseball cards.

He was angry.

“Who are you angry with son?” asked his dad. “God?”

“Yeesss I am.”


“Because he rained on my cards!”

The tears and pain lasted for a couple of days.

Until little league season kicked in.

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2 thoughts on “T is for Trade – 2015 A to Z Challenge

  1. Hi there! Just passing along on the A to Z Challenge. Did you plan out your stories in advance for the challenge or are you writing each day as they spring to mind? I think I would like to have a go at “writing” for next year’s challenge rather than what I normally blog about so any tips would be useful. Many thanks 🙂 Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

    1. Good morning! I planned out the theme for each letter a couple of months ago which helped me prepare for writing. As for a tip – my main one this morning is have fun doing it. Maybe use the A to Z challenge to sketch out a creative writing idea that you want to expand on later on. I did that with last’s years A to Z Challenge. Best wishes and regards, Jim

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