My Review of Hans Finsel and Rick Hicks’ Launch Your Encore

We believe that our final act might just be our greatest contribution.



22504649With more and more “baby boomers” moving toward the “retirement age” of 65, they are pushing back on this traditional age and even the concept of retirement.  With the passion they have expressed throughout their life, boomers are now looking at “retirement” as a time of refocusing and re-launching into a second season of serving and making a difference.

In their new book, Launch Your Encore: Finding Adventure and Purpose Later in Life, (Baker Books 2015) Hans Finzel and Rick Hicks document this redefinition of retirement in their own lives and that of others from age 60 to past age 90! The result is a new set of terms used to define (re-define) this new era of a second season and a second career. Those terms are elderlescence and the 60 to 80 window.

Launch Your Encore is divided into four sections: The Challenge in which Finzel and Hicks layout the challenges and opportunity for those approaching the 60 to 80 window both occupationally, developmentally, and spiritually; The Choices in which the authors focus in on the core issue of reinventing yourself for life after a first career; The Stories in which three individuals and two couples share how they have navigated the transition into redefining their lives and contributions; The Plan where tools are shared and a very helpful chapter, “Walking through the “Land Between,” helps the reader to understand the emotional dynamics of this major life transition.

The result is a wonderful, honest, practical, and helpful book designed for those who are nearing or are at the beginning of the 60 to 80 window and a reorienting of their life and work. It does not minimize the challenges and the uncertainties of the age regarding health issues as well as financial and the spiritual aspects of this season of life.

I like this book for a variety of reasons – it offers an honest assessment of the challenges and opportunities of life after a first career, it contains a variety of tools and practices to help a reader who is seeking to launch their encore, and since I am less than three years away from age 60, the issues and themes addressed in this book are helpful and inspirational.

I rate this book a “great” read.

Note: I received a copy of this book via the Baker Books Blogger program in exchange for a review of it. I was not required to write a positive review.


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