R is for Rake – 2015 A to Z Challenge

Summer quickly faded on the Martin farm and Jon and Dan, both in school by this time, looked forward to the fall when the leaves of the maple trees and the oak trees, which dotted the entire farm along with a few poplar and elm trees, turned bright colors and fell to the ground.

That is when the rakes which hung in the small room just inside the barn door became the favorite toy of the boys. For after school, when supper was done, the boys, in the now fading light of the fall afternoons, would race out side and rake up big piles of the leaves then perform running jumps into them burying themselves underneath.

One afternoon however, dad stopped the boys as they walked up the drive from getting off the school bus. “Boys,” he said, “we are headed to Mrs Brown’s house to rake some leaves.” The boys looked at each other with a look that said, “New leaf piles to jump in!”

After a short drive across Red Brick, the truck stopped at a nice two story house on a tree lined street. Leaves were everywhere – red, gold, and yellow.

Following their dad up the walk, the boys met with Mrs Brown to find out what to do.

“It is nice of you three to help me with the leaves,” she said.

Soon the three Martin men were raking large piles in Mrs Brown’s backyard which bordered several yards that also had many trees. Within an hour they had raked the yard into four big piles.

“Boys come in for a drink and some cookies,” Mrs Brown called out, “and then you can bag them.”

“Bag them?” asked Jon.

“Yes,” replied his dad. “People in town bag their leaves and place them at the street curb where they are picked up and hauled away.”

But when they returned to the backyard, the piles were messed up and all four people stared in disbelief.

Turning to the left, Jon spotted the culprit.


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