Q is for Quiz – 2015 A to Z Writing Challenge

Tired out from a very fun weekend (and recuperating from a six block pursuit of the piglet who was finally cornered in an open garage) Jon struggled to study for his math quiz that would take place on Monday morning.

He looked forward to Sunday nights to the practice math quizzes his dad made up for him each week.

“Jon,” dad said, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m tired,” Jon said, “I’m just tired.”

Monday morning came and Jon dozed on the school bus, something he never did.

At 9:30, Miss Williams, Jon’s teacher said, “Okay class, put everything away except your pencil, it is time for your math quiz.”

Lizzy Mavis, who sat behind Jon, leaned forward and said, “I’m going to get them all right, Jon Martin and you’re not!”

Lizzy drove Jon, and the rest of the class, nuts because she was always bragging about her grades and the class refused to play with her at recess. This made Miss Williams both sad and a bit angry because she knew that Lizzy needed friends.

When the test was over, the class lined up for a restroom break. Suddenly Jon got very dizzy while waiting to go and soon found himself throwing up in one of the toilets. His friend Mark ran and told Miss Williams.

The next day, as Jon laid in bed with a fever, his mom brought in some soup and 7-up.

And his homework.

“Well,” she said, “you must have not felt well on Sunday, Jon.’

The red letter grade on this math quiz didn’t help him feel any better.

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