P is for Pig – 2015 A to Z Challenge

Saturday mornings in Red Brick, like many small towns, always buzzed with traffic, laughter, and the sights, sounds, and smells of farm animals in trailers of various sizes parked along the streets and in the parking lots.

Among the animals making a journey for one reason or another on this particular Saturday were the pigs. Now while Jon and Dan’s family did not own any pigs, their cousins, Fred and Martin Lee did. In fact, their Uncle Tim was becoming known as one of the top hog farmers in the county.

This particular Saturday morning found the boys in downtown Red Brick with their dad at White’s Hardware store looking for nuts and bolts to hang several new shelves in the basement.

As they got out of their truck in the parking lot, they saw the familiar trailer off in the corner of the lot and then heard the familiar squeals of several pigs… and piglets who were expressing their emotions which Jon and Dan met with pinched noses because of the smells coming from the trailer.

In the hardware store the cousins and brothers-in-law met in the plumbing aisle and chatted briefly before each group went their own way. A few minutes later as the boys and their dad were checking out, they saw groups of people gathering the parking lot, pointing toward where they knew the trailer sat, and laughing.

As they approached the door after paying for their nuts and bolts, they saw Uncle Tim run past yelling something.

“Uh oh, one got loose,” dad said.

Laughter was heard as the door opened.

Handing off the sack of nuts and bolts to a friend of his, dad said, “Let’s go boys!”

Off they went.

The little piglet had a two block head start on them.


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