O is for Oven – 2015 A to Z Challenge

As they came home from school one afternoon, the wind blew the smell of apple pie down the lane Jon and Dan walked everyday to catch the bus.

Already hungry, the smell quickened their pace with the hope of  having a piece before dinner.

Once inside the house, the boys quickly headed for the kitchen where they finally laid eyes on not one but two pies cooling on the counter! As they stood there, a firm voice startled them.

“Absolutely not! One is for dinner and the other is for the ladies’ luncheon tomorrow at church! There is fruit for a snack.”

After munching on an apple, the boys quickly settled down to watch their favorite TV show before heading out the door to help their dad feed the goats.

As they walked in with him a half hour later for supper, all three Martin men encountered an angry wife and mom.

“Jonathon Edward and Daniel Lane” she shouted. “What did I tell you about the pies?!”

Stunned by her tone of voice and by the appearance of a pie that was short one substantial piece, the boys didn’t know what to say.


“Uh, honey, it, uh, uh, well, it wasn’t them…”

A very quiet dinner followed and that was followed by dad making an excuse to check on a project in the barn and quickly making his departure.

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