L is for Lucky – 2015 A to Z Challenge

With Jon back in preschool the days flew quickly by and soon it was Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

Both boys were wanting a dog but so far mom had more “no” votes than the boys … and dad, too!

Christmas brought the usual high hope for the boys that a puppy would be found under the tree. But that did not happen.

New Year’s came and went and the pre-school routine began again. Dan was bored  and moped around the house. Not even his twice daily trips to the barn helped.

But that changed one Friday afternoon when Uncle Tim drove up in his pickup. Dan quickly ran to the nearest window.

Uncle Tim greeted his sister, the boy’s mom, with a hug and then opened the back door of the cab and pulled out a large box with holes in it.

Soon Grandma Lee drove up with Jon.

“What’s going on?” Dan asked himself.

Dad then joined in the procession of the three other adults and one child … and one big box with holes in it into the house.

“Dan, come to the kitchen, please,” mom said as she walked into the house and soon they were standing around the box with the holes in it and from which a whimpering sound came.

“Boys, you have wanted a dog” said Uncle Tim, “and I have wanted to give you one, but your mom has always said, “not yet, Tim.”

“But now you are ready,” Mom said. “Meet your new puppy!”

With great fanfare the box was opened and the boys met a puppy with big feet. A yellow lab.

They boys were at first speechless and did not know what to say but a weak “Thank you” came out of their mouths.

Yet within a few minutes, boys and puppy were lost in play and not long after that, all three were resting on the rug in the hallway.

At dinner the puppy was put in his box and fed. The new owners were fed as well.

All the sudden, Dan said, “Wait, wait! What’s the puppy’s name?”

“That’s your decision, boys” Uncle Tim said.

Throughout most of the evening they thought and thought about new names.

As they played with him one last time before bed, Jon said, “We are really Lucky to have this puppy, Dan.”

The puppy had just been named.

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