K is for Kick – 2015 A to Z Challenge

Preschool days found Jon and Dan apart for the first time in their lives since Dan was born.

It was hard on Dan for a while but Jon had a harder time, especially the first day!

It was a long two and one half hours to Jon but with playtime the minutes would grow longer.

Another boy, Mike was playing a game of soccer with two girls, Megan and Lynn. They needed a fourth player and asked Jon to play.

Megan and Jon played against Lynn and Mike and soon the game got going.

As Lynn passed the ball to Mike, Jon went to get it and as he attempted to kick the ball to Megan his foot collied with a small tree.

A loud cry was heard by the teachers and so Jon was helped into Grandpa Martin’s truck and to the doctor’s office they went.

By the late afternoon, Jon and Dan were comfortably asleep on the couch surrounded by two cats.

“Well, he could have broken it,” mom said. “Yeah, but a sprain is bad enough,” dad replied.

Two days at home were necessary before Jon could return to preschool.

Dan did not like that.


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