J is for Jay – 2015 A to Z Challenge

Dan loved the variety of birds which came either to stay from spring to fall or passed through in the spring and fall on their way to other places.

It seemed that the robins and the cardinals led the way each spring with their early arrivals. Then those starlings showed up with the crows who just stayed.

The finches and the smaller hawks seem to note the arrival of early summer. And the geese? They seem to just simply show up one morning!

But Dan’s favorite bird was the Blue Jay. It’s loud voice seem to proceed its arrival by a minute or two and its blue colors stood out at the bird feeders.

One day Dan was playing outside and heard a commotion near one of the feeders the jays used the most. Birds took off in all directions as the commotion continued.

Quickly and quietly Dan walked to the edge of the barn and peeked around the corner. What he saw made him sad and then angry.

“NO!” he cried. “Leave the bird alone!”

One of the barn cats, Milton, had caught a young jay and was dodging another jay trying to free it from the cat’s mouth.


But with a quick dash, the cat, with the bird still in its mouth, dashed in between a space in the cracked siding and disappeared into the darkness.

Silence prevailed. Tears flowed, too.

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6 thoughts on “J is for Jay – 2015 A to Z Challenge

    1. Hi Matt! Thanks for stopping by! It is part of the A to Z series and that while this particular post is complete, it is one in a series about two brothers named Jon and Dan. They are also the name of my two sons who are older now than their storied namesakes. But I used to make up stories about them as I helped them get ready for be.

  1. Poor Blue Jay, as much as I love cats I hate that hey kill birds, doesn’t seem to matter how well fed they are, mine will still go after the birds. I don’t mind when he catches a mouse, I wish he’d leave the birds alone tough.

    1. Our cat came flying off the bed one night around 1 AM because she heard a mouse in the bathroom! But it could not get out of the wall and she could not get into it, either! Thanks Kim for stopping by! Have a great Sunday!

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