I is for “Icky” – 2015 A to Z Challenge

Hanging on to the blue racer with all the courage he could muster, Jon ran toward the house.

The snake, with the bulge not too far down its body, struggled to get loose as Jon held the snake tightly with his thumb on the head and the fore finger underneath and on the throat.

With his left hand holding the rest of the body while he ran, boy and snake engaged in a struggle to win. The snake started wrapping itself around Jon’s left arm, and true to its constricting nature, squeezed tighter.

Jon replied with a tighter grip to the head causing the snake to have a wide open mouth.

Dan saw Jon first as he broke into the clearing.

“Mom! Mom! MOM! Jon has a snake!”

And when Dan saw the size of the snake and it was not green, he broke toward the house.


Fortunately, mom was “unavailable” while struggling to get outside as quickly as possible.

Dad, on the other hand, was ready for anything when heard “snake” and then when he saw what Jon had….

“Drop it son!”


“Drop it!”

“I… I … can’t”


Jon quickly unwrapped the snake from his left arm and in one quick motion flung the snake onto the gravel drive. Where it laid still.

The sound of a .22 broke the air and the snake lay dead.

As the Martin guys stood over the dead snake, mom finally made her appearance.

“Jonathon … Lee… Martin…”

“Ick,” said Dan and headed toward the goats.


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