H is for Hole (as in snake hole?) – 2015 A to Z

Mid spring had come to the Martin farm and with it the usual flurry of animal life.

The geese were heading north; the bears (several hours away) were coming out of the dens; the skunks, were well, everywhere!

And the snakes?

“Dan, ready to catch a snake today?” ask Jon

“Naw,” Dan replied, “you know how mom gets when we bring snakes around.”

Just after the lunch, Jon headed toward the pond that was coming to life. The small number of crappie from last year seemed to have grown as Jon looked into the clear water. Water that soon would darken as summer came.

A small mouth bass suddenly jumped out of the water and made sharp splash as it re-entered. it.

The smell of sour pond water soon gave way to a fresh spring breeze… of skunk.

“Yuk,” said Jon.

Walking along the overgrown path that would again be bare by the time fall came, Jon began looking for the familiar holes and rocks that the garder snake population would come of to sun themselves on.

Quietly moving through the ankle high grass, Jon heard the unmistakable sliding sound of …


Seeing movement, Jon quickly went to the sound.

With a quick stab of the hand into the brown grass, he got more than he bargained for.

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4 thoughts on “H is for Hole (as in snake hole?) – 2015 A to Z

  1. Stopped by from the A-Z. Oh no, no, no, I do not do snakes and would certainly not stick my hand in a hole that looked like a snake one. Yes, I do know what they look like to. YIKES!

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