G is for Goats – 2015 A to Z Challenge

Jon and Dan awoke to the sound of banging gates and bleats that meant only one thing.


Running downstairs in their pjs, the boys burst through the back door of the house and out into the backyard.

“Boys…. Boys…. BOYS!!” their mother shouted. But the excitement and the slight wind which carried away her words failed to stop Jon and Dan. They kept running toward the new pen that had been constructed for the newest members of Martin farm.

Flipping open the gate to the pen and surprising their dad, Grandpa Lee, and another man, the boys forgot to close the gate and proceeded to create bedlam.

An hour later, the goats were safely back  in their pen, exhausted and resting.

The boys were safely in the bathtub soaking the dirt off.

The men were sitting down drinking cup after cup of water while sweating.

Mom? Stewing.

And the pjs? In the trash placed their by the stewing mom.


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