E is for Earth – 2015 A to Z Challenge

With the coming of planting season Jon and Dan loved to sit alongside their dad as he turned the soil to prepare for planting.

“What are we planting this year dad?” asked Dan.

“We?” dad said with a teasing smile.

“YEAH! WE!!!” said Dan with a giggle.

“Well this year, ” dad said as he turned the large John Deere to start turning a new row,” WE are planting soybeans?”

“Why?” asked Dan with a bit of sadness.

“Well, we don’t want to wear out the soil from planting one crop all the time.”

“But I want to run with Jon through the corn!” Dan protested.

“I know,” said dad in a mock tone. “You two can take down a row of corn faster than any bug I know!”

“But how long we plantin’s soybeans?” asked Dan hoping for a good answer.

“Well, I don’t know,” replied dad. “I will be keeping an eye on the soil for this year to see how she’s doin’.”


“Well we need to take care of the soil here. It needs to be cared for just like our yard, our pond, and our woods.”

“But, they’re not OURS are they dad?”

Dad smiled.

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