D is For Diet – 2015 A to Z Challenge

Lunch time was a favorite of Jon and Dan’s.

There were fresh carrots from the small garden, just across the circle driveway which surrounded their big farm house. Bessie and Bossie contributed some milk which was boiled and then chilled to almost 32 degrees.

Fresh loaves of bread from either (or both) grandmas were always present for sandwiches and on which peanut butter and fresh jelly, fresh cut slices of ham, or fresh cut slices of roast beef were placed.

Jon and Dan found they could eat and eat to their hearts content and always looked forward to lunch.

One day, however, they heard a word they had never heard before as they listened to a discussion the parents were having.

“Lisa, you are going to be okay. It happens to all of us. It will happen to me.”

“John, it will happen to you? Sure, it will. ”

“I know honey, but I still love you and its okay.”

“I am just going to have to get on a diet. I cannot eat like I used to John. I am getting fat!!!”

Jon and Dan did not hear the word “fat” from their mother’s lips only the word “diet.”

“Jon,” said asked with great concern, “is mom dying?”

“It sure sounds like she is,” replied Jon with fear in his voice.

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