C is for Chicken – 2015 A to Z Challenge

“I hate feeding the chickens,” Jon emphatically said as he stomped in the house half dry, half wet from the first hard down pour of the spring.

“Why?” Grandma Lee calmly asked.

“Because they peck at my boots and poke holes in them!”

“Well that’s because they are hungry and when the see you coming they are ready to eat!”

Jon looked even more frustrated at that point and huffed off to put on dry clothes.

With mom and dad gone to the local university for an Ag conference, time with Grandma Lee was great because she made great breakfasts!

“I’m starrrving!” Jon yelled as he came downstairs warm and dry.

“Breakfast is served!” said grandma.

After downing a stack of pancakes and eggs, Jon said, “I love eggs so much I could eat them all day!”

Grandma started clucking and strutting around the kitchen.

“Ah, grand – ma!” Jon said with a laugh as he palmed his forehead.

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