B is for Barn – 2015 A to Z Challenge

In the early spring, the Martin farm came alive as the trees began to bud; the grass began to green and grow; and the air began to smell of freshly turned earth.

For Jon and Dan the best place to be was in the barn. It too, came alive with spring. For the two cows, Bossie (aptly named) and Bessie, spring often meant motherhood and this spring was no different.

Jon and Dan were old enough to be familiar with the birth of a baby calf. But this year…

“Mommy, are Bess and Boss gonna be moms this year?” asked Dan one day.

“Well, Dan,” mom replied, “just Bossie this year.”

Sensing a change in the line of questioning, mom gathered her breath and heart up and waited.

“Well,” asked Jon with a pause longer than his normal pause, “are we born the same way?”

“EWWWWW!” can the sudden reply that stopped mom from responding. “That’s bad,” said Dan.

“Why is it “eww?” asked Jon.

“Well, if we were born that way mom would have to clean out the straw from our belly button and butt!”

Mom exhaled.

John just laughed.

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