The Adventures of Jon and Dan! My A to Z 2015 Theme Reveal

When my youngest son, who is now 17, was born, I began to tell stories to my oldest son, now 19, as part of the bedtime routine. I did so for two reasons: 1. To get them settled down and ready for bed. 2. To have time with them at the end of the day.

I also used them as the main characters in the stories!

I cannot remember how long I did them, several at least, but I did them long enough that the memory of them is still with, at least, me!

So for this year’s A to Z Challenge, I am going to be re-creating those stories though I cannot remember the details except for a few because I composed them as I said them!

What I am looking to do is to be as descriptive as possible within 250 words.

Hope you will read my daily contributions and give me feed back!

I am also looking forward to reading others A to Z contributions as well!

14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Jon and Dan! My A to Z 2015 Theme Reveal

  1. 250 words?? Opps, I think I over wrote.. was there really a limit?
    Ooooh I am SO BAD with word limits.. I’ll be back to read your daily postings though.. I’ve done my first since it’s April 1st in Australia.. but I fear it’s too long now LOL

    Fellow A-Z blogger
    Kim in Australia

    1. No there are no word limits Kim. This is my limit since I am working on stories that feature kids. Congrats on your first post! I will head over and read it! Happy April 1st!

  2. What a great theme! Such a great way to kill two birds with one stone so-to-speak, blogging/writing while at the same time capturing these meaningful stories. I look forward to following you along the way next month! 🙂

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